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No man prefers to sleep two in a bed. In fact, you would a good deal rather not sleep with your own brother. I dont know how it is, but people like to be private when they are sleeping. And when it comes to sleeping with an unknown stranger, in a strange inn, in a strange town, and that stranger a harpooneer, then your objections indefinitely multiply.
Nor was there any earthly reason why I as a sailor should sleep two in a bed, more than anybody else; for sailors no more sleep two in a bed at sea, than bachelor Kings do ashore. To be sure they all sleep together in one apartment, but you have your own hammock, and cover yourself with your own blanket, and sleep in your own skin.


For with the charts of all four oceans before him, Ahab was threading a maze of currents and eddies, with a view to the more certain accomplishment of that monomaniac thought of his soul.


The more I pondered over this harpooneer, the more I abominated the thought of sleeping with him. It was fair to presume that being a harpooneer, his linen or woollen, as the case might be, would not be of the tidiest.

  • The middle leg of your tour of our 20 trending destinations for 2020 starts in Cape Canaveral, Florida (#12). It’s the place to be next year whether you’re launching an expedition to Mars (which missed our list yet again) or to the beach. Then it’s on to Cali, Colombia (#11), where you’ll get a joyful workout dancing to salsa or climbing the colorful stairs. After blowing off some (volcanic) steam in Vanuatu (#10), you’ll be ready for the cathedrals and cuisine of buzzing Guadalajara, Mexico (#9). ⁣
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  • The French Alps village of Les Contamines-Montjoie (#16) is the next stop on your tour of our 20 trending destinations for 2020. From there, you’ll trade your snowboard for a surfboard in Ubatuba, Brazil (#15). After catching your breath in the woods of Courtenay, on Canada’s Vancouver Island (#14), you’ll lose it again along the rugged coastline of Aberdeen, Scotland (#13).⁣
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  • Where will next year take you? Your whirlwind tour of our 20 trending destinations for 2020 starts by whisking you from the stately waterfront of Maastricht, the Netherlands (#20) to the sandstone gorges of Malindi, Kenya (#19). Next, you’ll navigate the monsoon-fed rivers of Kerala, India (#18) on your way to the bright lights and Olympic thrills of Tokyo (#17).⁣
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  • At Wayan’s treehouse, staying home and taking pictures of your front yard is a perfectly acceptable way to spend the day. But your host is also happy to arrange trips to the island’s waterfalls, temples, and bays. If you haven’t had enough spectacle by nightfall, make your way down to the beach for a chance to catch bioluminescent waves crashing on the shore.

Video: @mgtenazas
  • This A-frame an hour from Chicago feels a world away from the city. After a day of cross-country skiing at the state park next door, warm up by the stone fireplace. When you feel like a treat, ask your Superhost, Stephen, to point you toward his favorite local spots, like the Village Bakery, which features handmade kolaczki (buttery Polish cookies).⁣
Photo: @kmyfrks
  • You don’t have to be a skier to appreciate this modern chalet bordering Stelvio National Park, but you might have to act like one to get there. “It’s 3,012 meters above sea level, and the only way to reach it is by ski lift, so that’s an adventure in and of itself,” says host Julia. Once you're there, relax in their sleek tub or take in the panoramic views from the terrace.⁣
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  • Now you can make an ancient mole recipe on @AirbnbExperiences. Claudia is a healer in Mexico City who shows you how to prepare the food of her ancestors using flavor and folklore. Good vibes are a key ingredient: “You can’t cook when you’re sad, because you’ll put all your sadness into the food. If you cook with love, people feel the love.” There’s also plenty of music and dancing involved.

Make the family recipe with Claudia, or explore more than 3,000 cooking experiences now on Airbnb. Link in bio.
  • Now you can cook classic Portuguese recipes in drag on @AirbnbExperiences. Pedro, a.k.a. Teresa Al Dente, shares his love of food and performance in an unforgettable night. Start by getting into character with a full makeover. Then step into the kitchen to make flaming chorizo, stone soup, and other traditional dishes Pedro learned from his family. You’ll share dinner with a cast of professional drag queens, followed by dessert and lip syncing.

Make the family recipe with Pedro, or explore more than 3,000 cooking experiences now on Airbnb. Link in bio.
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